The Internet, the Magical Marketer of the Here and Now

Why is the Internet the least expensive and most effective way of marketing your home?



…more than 80% of buyers search online before committing to buy, a poll by the National Association of REALTORS® said.

…your realtor can very easily syndicate your advertisements on a multiplicity of websites.

…there is a virtual infinitude of space on the web, so that your realtor can provide prospective buyers with as much information as you want.

…lack of printing costs means virtual tours of your home can be included IN VIVID DETAIL AND COLOR.

…any errors or information that has gone out of date can immediately be corrected or updated.

…the Internet never sleeps. Ever heard of someone reading the newspaper at two o’clock in the morning? Most haven’t even received the daily paper by then.


Before signing a contract with a realtor, Google their name and search for their listings to find out just how much online marketing they do.


© Susan Van Wig


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