Why list in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

A realtor lists a home in the MLS so that it can be found easily by other realtors. The MLS provides realtors with several filters through which they can search for suitable homes. When you home is listed in the MLS, it becomes visible not merely as a listing but as a listing with specific qualities. For buyers who have decided upon certain determinations, the MLS thus locates homes that satisfy their wants.

Realtors who pay for membership in MLS are entitled to make entries into this database. However, if you are trying to sell your home yourself, you may be able to contract with a broker to list your home for a flat fee. Each local region (as well as the nation) has its own MLS, meaning that it is important that your agent list your home in the right MLS.

Nevertheless, realtors who may want to find a buyer on their own and thus collect a double commission may be unwilling to list on the MLS, so make sure the realtor intends to list your home—in the right local area—before signing any contracts.

© Susan Van Wig


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