My In-Law’s Kitchen Remodeling Project

It’s time to remodel this kitchen.  The cabinets are dated and tired.  The lower cabinets are difficult to access.  There’s tons of wasted space and pinchpoints.  In short it just doesn’t work

Original Kitchen

Where to begin?

 and needs help.

Where do we begin?  The first thing I’m doing is to measure the space.  The owners don’t want to move any walls.  With the measurements in hand, I’ve drawn a basic floor plans so we can begin to visualize changes. 

At this point the basic plan is to extend the kitchen to the edge of the dining room window and to bring in natural gas to the stove.

We want to expand the work space available in the corner between the sink and the stove.  My husband and his father frequently cook together and find themselves bumping elbows and getting in each other’s way.

Maybe we’ll add an island where we can sit with a glass of wine and watch the guys work. Hmmm?


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