Spring time!

Articles like this one remind me that we’re awfully lucky to live in Coastal Southern California.  No storm windows to replace, no snow damage to repair.  I can live with the occasional earthquake.

For many years as a military wife I lived all over the world.  When I first moved to Arkansas I thought freezing was as cold as it got.  If it’s below freezing doesn’t make any difference right?  Wrong!  When I passed the bank thermometer in the morning it would say 10 degrees.  I was always amazed when I passed again on my way home how much warmer 13 degrees felt.   And then the daffodils began to come up and I understood for the first time why people got so excited about the arrival of spring.  Then we would take down the storm windows and put up the mosquito nets and enjoy the few nice days until it got too hot and humid to be outside.

Who's got the shovel?

Who’s got the shovel?

Then we spent a few years in Germany and we’d joke, “maybe summer will fall on a weekend this year.”  I was so tired of the cold and the grey skies.  On a weekend trip to Sicily with some of my fellow TupperWare dealers, yes they have TupperWare in Germany, they didn’t recognize the plants and thought the air smelled funny.  I took a look at the bouganvilla, birds of paradise, oil wells and more importantly the ocean and said, “smells like home!” and promptly burst into tears.

So it’s spring in Southern California — I leave my windows open all year round.  In the winter the fog horn from the harbor frequently wakes me in the morning.  In the summer there’s always a breeze.  We’re very lucky to live where we do.


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