What to do with the front yard?


Nice plantings and expansive lawn are very welcoming.

Rev: 11/5/15 — Los Angeles Times reports that homeowners may have to pay taxes on Lawn Replacement rebate.  For the average rebate of $3000 at a tax rate of 28% that’s $840.  As long as you know about that upfront and plan for it, it still makes sense.

Here in Lakewood and Long Beach we have front yards.  In some other cities, or in homes built earlier than ours or in more urban settings your front door might be at the edge of the sidewalk with a stairwell or just a few steps separating your front door from traffic.  But we often have 20 or more feet of setback from the sidewalk.


Most homeowners fill the space with plants near the house and an expanse of lawn extending to the sidewalk.  This looks open and inviting from the street and welcomes guests.

Many other homeowners choose to enclose the space either by extending the front porch or enclosing all or part of the space with a patio wall.


The enclosed patio give some additional living and entertaining space while also separating the house from a very busy street.


Enhanced front gate adds style to the front of the house.


Wildland retreat in the midst of the city.

I’ve been scouting out houses that have these front yard additions.

What do you think — add to the front yard or not?


The shady front porch reminds me of porches I saw while living in the South many years ago.


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