Wild Parrots in Lakewood

Did you know we have wild parrots all over Long Beach and Lakewood?  I’ve seen them in the Los Altos area and heard of them in Belmont ShoreImage.  The other day I was walking in the Lakewood Mutuals area and heard a huge commotion from a tree on the other side of the street.  All the dogs were barking and there were giant seed pods from this tree hitting a car below with a loud thud.  But I couldn’t see what it was.  As I got closer I could see at least 100 parrots in the tree.  I tried to get a few pictures, but they were exactly the same color as the leaves — very effective camoflague!

There are several stories floating around about where these parrots came from.  Biologists do not believe they are native to the area.  Some may have arrived via natural migration. Busch Gardens used to have a bird sanctuary and some may have escaped from there.  I’ve also heard that many years ago firefighters may have released a large number of them from a burning pet store.  In any case, many years later they seem to be thriving and multiplying.

For more information check out:  http://californiaparrots.us/  http://www.californiaparrotproject.org/  http://www.socalparrot.org/
Report sightings http://californiaparrots.us/report-sightings.html



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