Does your house have termites?

ImageYou’re getting ready to buy a home and wondering if it has termites?  The simple answer in Southern California – yes.  Termites are insects that eat wood and they can do a lot of damage.  When writing an offer for a home you can attach form WPA (Wood Destroying Pest Addendum.) Using this form you can specify who should pay for an inspection and which party should pay for the repairs that the inspector finds necessary.  Ask your Realtor® to advise you on what is customary in your area and what she realistically thinks will work in your particular situation. Your lender may require a certificate of completion.

 The report is divided into two sections.  Section 1 notes active wood destroying pests and damage to be repaired.  Section 2 notes conditions that could lead to section 1.  Fumigation with a tent is not always needed.  Sometimes the inspector will recommend spot treatment and replacement of damaged wood. If fumigation is recommended be sure to follow the safety instructions given to you.

 (CAR Form WPA)  E.  Seller shall Deliver to Buyer, prior to Close Of Escrow, with a written pest control certification (“Certification”) showing that no infestation or infection is found or that required corrective work is completed. If paragraph 2A does not refer to a specific registered Structural Pest Control company and Seller obtains more than one Wood Pest Report pursuant to this Addendum, Seller may choose which Wood Pest Report to use as the basis of the Certification provided that Seller Delivers to Buyer all Wood Pest Reports obtained by Seller before Buyer removes any contingency for Wood Pest inspection.


Structural pest control is the control of household pests (including but not limited to rodents, vermin and insects) and wood-destroying pests and organisms or such other pests which may invade households or structures, including railroad cars, ships, docks, trucks, airplanes, or the contents thereof. The practice of structural pest control includes the engaging in, offering to engage in, advertising for, soliciting, or the performance of any of the following: identification of infestations or infections; the making of an inspection for the purpose of identifying or attempting to identify infestations or infections of household or other structures by such pests or organisms; the making of inspection reports; recommendations, estimates, and bids, whether oral or written, with respect to such infestation or infections; and the making of contracts, or the submitting of bids for, or the performance of any work including the making of structural repairs or replacements, or the use of pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, fumigants, or allied chemicals or substances, or mechanical devices for the purpose of eliminating, exterminating, controlling or preventing infestations or infections of such pests, or organisms.


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