I can fix that!

We like to fix up our nests.  I think it might be a basic human instinct.  Right after Ogg dragged Mrs. Ogg into the cave she thought, “hmm, I could paint a woolly mammoth on that wall.”

A few years ago I helped to remodel my in-law’s kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, flooring and lights.  We brought in gas where there had only been electricity and made the traffic flow much more user friendly.

Last year, what started out as a plan to replace the vinyl flooring in my upstairs bathroom ended up moving walls and building a 25 square-foot shower with a rain-head.

When I’m out with buyers who are selecting their next home, they always and admire the new, at the same time saying, “I’ll change this and this.”

I’ve got a listing right now where the sellers pulled up the carpet and restored the 3/4 inch red-oak floors.  When the buyers come in they ooh and aah over the floor and immediately plan how to remodel the original 1955 kitchen.

What projects do you have in mind?  Please attach pictures.


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