How to sell your home for as little as possible.

How do you get the least money possible for your house? Easy: ask too much for it, believing you can always reduce the price later if you have to. That’s a common strategy among sellers (and some real estate agents) who don’t know any better. However, it doesn’t work.
The main reason is because the longer a house sits on the market without selling, the more likely buyers will assume there’s something wrong with it. Additionally, although buyers always look at a number of homes before buying, they don’t tend to spend any more time than necessary. So if your home is overpriced and on the market for some time, buyers will be even less likely to view it.
That said, if you’d like to sell your home quickly for top dollar, the key is to create a demand for it. The best way to do this is to price it closely to its expected actual selling price and watch people compete for it. You needn’t worry about underpricing it. After all, if someone offers you too little you don’t have to accept their offer. And you can afford to be choosy – you’ve got a property that’s in demand.
So when you decide you’d like to sell, there is no one better equipped to move you ahead than me. When that time comes, I’d like the opportunity to show you how to get the most for your property.


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