Why does a buyer’s agent require you to be pre-qualified before viewing homes for sale?

Begin Rant …

The other day a potential home buyer asked me to take them to view a home for sale.  Before setting the appointment I asked for a lender pre-qualification or proof of funds.  When he was offended, my red flags popped up.

When I take you into a home for sale, I’m vouching for you to both the other agent and their client the home seller that you are ready willing and able to buy this home if it suits your needs after viewing it.  How can I do that if I don’t know anything about you?

For that first step, I’m asking you to spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with a lender and produce some basic documentation including a picture ID.  If you don’t have a lender, I’ve got several that I’m happy to recommend.  Feel free to shop around several different lenders to choose the one who seems right for you.

Why is this so important?  There are obvious benefits to you that you can find articles about all over the web.  If you aren’t concerned why should I be?

Well – I’m concerned about my safety.  I’m concerned about the safety and security security of the home I’m allowing you access to you and about the safety and security of those homeowners.  I’m concerned about wasting the seller’s time, the listing agent’s time and my time.

A reputable lender will protect the privacy of your documents.  Once he reviews them I’m glad to take you out shopping for the home of your dreams.  But not until … so get qualified.

End Rant


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